Reducer – Winding Brook


The Vinyl Reducer is an inexpensive way to update your decor. It is ideal for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or even the basement as a luxurious, low-maintenance flooring solution. It’s easy to install with the glue-down feature and is suitable for all grade levels. The vinyl reducer is 100% waterproof, scratch, stain, and dent resistant. It is backed by a lifetime residential warranty. It is used to transition floors of unequal height from wood or laminate floors to carpet, vinyl, or tile.



For years stair solutions have been limited to carpet or hardwood. Carpet is easily destroyed and cheap-looking. Hardwood is expensive and requires expensive maintenance over time. While cost-effective for other areas of the house, the LVP revolution has offered no help when it comes to steps. The issue has always been cheap stair nose products that were dangerous, flimsy, and didn’t match the LVP.

Snapcaps make a seamless stair nose integration with any LVP product you are using for flooring that meets the steps. .We use the EXACT plank being installed in other areas of the house and we run the plank through an intense fabrication process to mold the LVP to fit the existing stair tread. The plank keeps its original composition. We change its shape so it can be installed on the step, full tread covers the entire step in one piece rather than attaching it to an existing plank.